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PAMS sets up educational activities to enhance the education of Peruvian medical students and doctors, and colleagues in Latin America.

Webinars are presented live and video recordings of past webinars are available on the PAMS YouTube Channel. 

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PAMS conventions are held annually in Peru or the United States. 

The 2020 convention will be held virtually.  The Annual Convention includes a Scientific Program and General Assembly.

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A scholarship, funded by a PAMS Member is offered for the USMLE test III.  The candidate needs to meet all of following requirements to be considered for the scholarship:

1. The Peruvian graduate physician should have passed the USMLE tests I and II. 
2. The Peruvian graduate physician should have participated in a Medical Mission to Peru sponsored by PAMS. 
3. Provide an original letter of recommendation from the Medical Mission Director. 
4. Provide a current CV. 
5. PAMS membership. 
6. Visa to the USA.

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COOPERATION AGREEMENT - PAMS and National Academy of Medicine of Peru sign A Cooperation Agreement

The role of the National Academy of Medicine is to provide advice to public institutions, making available to them the evidence produced by scientific investigations on health issues of national interest, so that political decisions that are made would have less probability of error.

In order to provide sound advice to the President of our nation, the Minister of Health, and other institutions on a variety of health issues, the NAM requires the participation of highly qualified national health experts. Given the clinical and academic experience of PAMS members in a first world country, our recently forged partnership with this institution, ensures that the advisory role of the Academy will be more satisfactorily realized. This and other potential gains, support the decision made by both institutions to join efforts for the good of Peru.

- Dr. Alberto Perales Cabrera, President, National Academy of Medicine