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About Us

The Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality healthcare to the underserved men, women and children of Perú with compassion, integrity, charity and respect. By working collaboratively with local providers and medical schools, PAMS is able to offer healthcare and education to thousands of patients throughout the country each year, and enhance the education of medical students and doctors in Perú.


Our Vision

The Peruvian American Medical Society improves access to quality healthcare and promotes wellness for the people of Peru, especially the medically underserved, and enhances education for Peruvian medical students and doctors.

Our Mission

We achieve our vision through medical services and educational activities supported by philanthropy and professional volunteerism, in collaboration with organizations in Peru and the United States.

     Our Values


Founding Members

Atlanta, Georgia - September 8, 1973

1st Row:  Abelardo Ulloa, Elma Mera, Victor Ortiz Velez, Julio Venegas.
2nd Row:  Rodolfo Byrne, Agustín Arbulú, Yolanda Altuna-Ramirez, Gerardo Bellodas, Henry Remy, Julio Acosta.
3rd Row:  Alberto Zapata, Oscar Talledo, Pedro Ponce Byrne, Augusto Paredes, Frank Pollack.

History of PAMS

PAMS Board 2021-2022


Miguel Vasquez, M.D.

President Elect 

Luis A. Campos, M.D.


Astrid Valdivieso


Dave Moretz

Member at Large

Iracema Arevalo, M.D.

Member at Large

Jorge Rios Perez, M.D.

Advisory Council Chair

Luis Espinoza, M.D.

Chapter Presidents Rep. 

Pablo Uceda, M.D.

Past President
Ronald L. Mera, M.D.

Finance Director
Gonzalo Huaman, M.D.

Educaton Director

Manuel Valdivieso, M.D.

Missions Director

Juan Carlos Alejos, M.D.

Strategic Development Director

Tulio Bertorini, M.D.

Executive Director 

Maria Sanders